Blessed to be Broken

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Where Are You?

Where are you? That was the message I received last night when I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I started to type a humorous response but then I looked at the question again. It didn’t fit the narrative of our conversation.

That proverbial light bulb went off over my head, my eyes widened, and I said….”no, it’s not tonight.” I ferverishly searched my emails for the event ticket and there it was, plain as the nose on my face. The event was happening and I was late.

Thankfully, I had most everything ready. It was a birthday wine and design for a friend. Like a madman I jumped off the couch and started gathering all the things. I quick put Moose in his crate and headed to the event.

When I arrived, I said, “Why is everyone so early”? Ba-da-bum Truth be told I was 40 minutes late. Ay, caramba!

The instructor came to my station and got me started on the painting. Despite my being late, it was really a fun night.

You know you’re making progress when something that used to bother you, doesn’t seem as important as it once was. Back in the day, my being THAT late would’ve caused a melt down. I would’ve been sullen and overly apologetic and beat myself up the rest of the night.

But, this night wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about my being late. It was about celebrating a friend’s birthday. So, I brushed off any bad feelings and had a great time.

This might not seem like a big deal, but this is what celebrating the small victories in our life looks like. While I painted away in an effort to catch up, mistakes were made. BUT, those mistakes can still be part of the overall prettier picture in progress.

The point being, don’t discount your mistakes. Instead use them as stepping stones to rise above what seems to be catastrophic. We all tend to make small mistakes into bigger ones by over thinking the mistake instead of seeing the outcome.

Yes, I was late. It wasn’t intentional. There’s no reason to stay stuck in “beat myself up” mode.

So, when my friend asked “Where are you?”, she had no idea how that simple question would effect how I’d process the rest of the evening. It kept me present, and in the moment, so I could enjoy the gifts in front of me.

Stay present my friends, it absolutely matters where you are! ❤️

Pumpkins! I’m ready for Fall & all things Pumpkin Spice. Painted at Wine and Design in Corning, NY
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Singing Waitress

I thought when I began this 40 day writing journey for Lent, I would be closer to knowing what to better focus on. That’s not happened…yet.

A friend commented she thought I’d continue to write daily after the 40 days are up. Hmmm. I’m not too sure about that one.

It’s a challenge to daily come up with something to write about. To be honest, I don’t really know what I want to dive into today. I guess I’ll talk about my lunch date with my mom.

I picked mom up, and off we went to a local type bistro. My mom always does at least one sudden intake of breath and reaches for the dash when she’s the passenger in my car. Like I want to get in an accident or something.

Nothing worse than being a passenger in a car. It must be that lack of control we think we have when we’re driving.

We went to a small type bistro. It’s fairly quiet which makes t’s easier to converse. They had music playing in the background. Both the waitress and I were singing to the song Landslide by Stevie Nicks. Love that song! Love Stevie Nicks.

The entire time we dined, the waitress was singing. It was awesome. There’s just something about somebody throwing all caution to the wind and being joyous.

When she brought us the check another waitress came by just as I was telling singing waitress to always keep singing. Clean up waitress, was like, no you just didn’t, don’t you encourage her, we’ll ban you. Everyone laughed.

I gathered up the check and went to pay. Singing waitress asked if I was coming back next week and suggested we do “show” together. I exclaimed how fun that would be and I was all in. Clean-up waitress was like, what’d I say earlier? Don’t you encourage her.

We started talking about the song we could sing together. She suggested Madonna but then said we’d work on it. As my mom and I were leaving, I heard singing waitress say, “I really like her”. It put a smile on my face.

On the way home I saw a truck with the word “Mickey” on it. I totally know the song we could do now. Sing it with me; “Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey Mickey”. I can picture it now. Maybe I will go back next week.

Life’s too short not to have fun. I hope you had some fun today. Laughter is a beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father. He’s pretty awesome at gift giving. It’s a shame not to use them.

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