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Stink, Stank, Skunked

on December 11, 2022

A couple days ago I shared the following story on Facebook wall. At the time, I wasn’t sure why this happened. As I was contemplating the scenario, it dawned on me that before I got out of bed, I prayed for God to help me be creative. Hence the following story. I hope, if nothing else, it makes you laugh. It definitely helped me be creative. And might I just add, well played God, well played.

If you were anywhere near the vicinity of my home around 6:15ish am, I hope you enjoyed the show.

I let Moose out this morning like I always do. I threw his toy after he ran out as he waited in “attack” mode for me to toss it so he could grab it up and then run over to the corner of the house to see if there was anything bark worthy that way.

As I sat down to enjoy my morning devotionals and coffee I heard him growl. Not his typical growl. I thought…well maybe that squirrel finally decided to charge him. I got up out of my chair and opened the door and no, there was no squirrel.

The scene playing out before my eyes was straight out of a cartoon. There was Moose being chased round and round by a demonic skunk. Sweet baby Jesus! I in no way handled this well. I started slapping my hand repeatedly on the glass window of the screen door while yelling at the top of my lungs trying to scare the skunk off. This is apparently not the tactic you want to use. It did nothing but make the two of them go round and round faster. This skunk was no where near deterred by my crazy lady behavior. Pretty weird since I was freaked out by my own behavior. But, this is a skunk we’re talking about, people!!

The skunk, to my nose knowledge had yet to spray. That doesn’t mean it didn’t. As Moose would circle around to the door, I would open the screen door for him to run in. Praying to God the skunk wouldn’t follow him in. Moose was pretty freaked out, so it took him a couple times round to see the door being opened for him.

Moose doesn’t usually have something chase after him. This was a new unwelcome experience for him. He typically does all the scaring off with his “vicious” bark, but this skunk was all like…I don’t think so, dude. Lemme show you what I got!

Finally, about the fiftieth time aroundMoose saw the opened door, and ran through it. Thank the Lord, Moose didn’t get directly sprayed, but the smell is in my house just the same. Awesome.

The demonic skunk stuck around the front porch until the sun started coming out and then it no doubt scampered back to its den. Wherever that is. I’m guessing Hell. I know skunks have their purpose in the world, but Lord, just no!!

Moose is fine after his skunk encounter. He’s resting peacefully in my lap. Maybe he learned a lesson today, maybe he didn’t. Only time will tell.

What did I learn? I’m still figuring that out. Meanwhile my house is filled with aromas of stink, stank, skunk.

3 responses to “Stink, Stank, Skunked

  1. Sue says:

    I hope you find this incident just as funny in the rear-view as everyone who reads it 😆

  2. Patricia Pierce says:

    Creativity from chaos!! Great job sharing. Im giggling from the picture in my mind your words drew. My memory takes me back to smelling that stank growing up…eww!!! Love your blog!

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