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Call It Something Else

on November 12, 2022

This quote keeps coming to my mind: “Sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.” I don’t know who originally said that, but when you google it, all kinds of things come up for it.

Maybe it’s the word, “sin” that has such a negative connotation to it, that most people don’t want to think (count the cost) before they leap into the things they know God said was bad for us. Or maybe they’ve never heard about God.

All I can say is, the word “sin”, isn’t the problem. It’s the action of sin that causes the damage. Think about the worst thing you’ve done and reflect on what it cost you. My own sin broke my heart to the point I wanted it all to end. The pain and long suffering was devastating on my soul.

Yes, I’ve asked for forgiveness. I’ve repented (changed my ways) and I know I’ve been forgiven. Yet, my battle field still tries to take up space. Some days it hits me out of the blue and next thing I know, I’m reduced to tears, berating myself once again for the pain I not only caused myself, which is bad unto itself, but more so the pain I caused others.

Knowing what I know now, I want to shout from the mountaintops, ”Don’t do it.” Don’t do that thing that will cause you great and long suffering pain. And while I’m able to warn others, and sometimes I get that opportunity, I also have to tread lightly because I know at any given moment I’m still prone to my own acts of sin. And in the end, people will choose, what they’re going to do.

Sometimes I don’t know what’s more heartbreaking. The heartbreak of others or my own. Watching your own loved ones suffer knowing you can’t fix their pain, is gut wrenching.

All of this to say, God will never lead you into sin. He gives us free will to choose. It’s a gift, yet it can seem like a curse when we make the unwise choice to enter into agreement with Satan.

But, today’s a new day. God’s mercies are new, and He’s doing a new thing. That’s good news! So, wherever you are today, know your gifts of free will and self-control can help lead you out of sin or keep you from sin. And if you don’t like the word sin, maybe call it something else if it helps you move away from it.

In a book I recently read by Matthew Perry, he called his sin “the big terrible thing.” If you read his book, you’ll see just how far that sin took him, just how much that sin cost him, and just how long that sin held him. And you’ll hear the heartbreak he caused himself and those he loved.

One last thing…your own sin will never just be about you. It’ll bring others along for the ride in ways you may never know about. You’ll leave a sin trail of collateral damage that can be years or even generations long.

Stay vigilant. Guard your heart and armour up. The devil is prowling and looking for someone to devour. I pray it’s not you.

Be blessed my friends. Make wise choices and flee from the enemy’s antics and devastating shenanigans. Remember, “…greater is He that is in you, than he who is in the world”! (1 John 4:4)

3 responses to “Call It Something Else

  1. Patricia Pierce says:

    You write the hard stuff, sister in Christ! You give the warning and battle call with this post. I pray it keeps many out of sin. However, humans being like, say, me, I pray it’ll bring even more out of their sin. And may we be there to help clean them off, love them up all because it’s what Jesus did for me/us. In transparency, I say this post hurts some spots in my heart and memories of yuk. Yes, the cost is more than I ever imagined and hurts more than myself. Thank you for writing. Thank you, Jesus, for Your blood to cleanse us all!!

  2. Patty Pierce says:

    This is a subject I avoid because of the memories. I’m sipping coffee, cat cuddled on my feet, ready to start time with God. I start with reading your text then blog. I’M A WRECK!!! Hahaha There’s so much peeling back, falling off and then the pieces clinging and stuck. Give me peace in You, Jesus, give me wisdom in Your word. Amen and thanks for beautiful, soul searing writing…again!! Miss and love you.

  3. Donna Miller says:

    We don’t always realize that in this world we are not islands to ourselves and our decisions will affect someone else in one way or another. Great post friend!

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