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Mixed Up Letters

on March 19, 2022

Across the street from my house is a playground. As I was walking Moose today, I actually took notice of the big mixed-up alphabet sign that read, “Can you spell your name”?

I know my grand daughter would totally spell her name. She loves her name She writes it all over everything she draws. Hmm, perhaps she’ll be an artist. One never knows. The world is wide-open for her.

I would be lying if I said I’m not a little worried about what lies before her in the way humans treat one another. I know there are good people in the world. I trust that God knew exactly what He was doing when He chose this time to place her in it. And I know she has a family that will fight fiercely beside her and love her through the after-mass she’ll suffer from the word grenades humans will toss her way.

Which is why I’d like to talk about the grown-up version of “Can you spell your name’. More often than not, the way I hear others describe themselves is heartbreaking. Humans can be a tough crowd when it comes to name calling.

But, truth be told, what others call us doesn’t come close to the awful things we say to ourselves, about ourselves. Where did we learn that? I’m sure we all could spend hours sifting through the ugly that’s happened in our lives.

When does it stop? When do we stop repeating the hate? When do we quit projecting the self-loathing onto others? When does the cycle stop?

It’s not an easy answer is it? To even begin moving away from all the negativity, a conscious effort has to begin in your own brain. A realization that something needs to change and it’s worth every step in the battle towards acceptance.

Make no mistake. It’s a battle. But it’s being fought in places you may not even know about. There is a very real enemy who wants nothing more than to see your daily life, defeated in every way. He’s been watching you and targeting you. And if you give him an inch, he’ll take as much space as you give him. He relishes in the thought that you’re an easy target.

He’s a master manipulator who’s excellent at sending all the enemies in to conquer your hill. Hate, disgust, self-loathing, doubt, confusion, and the list goes on and on. He knows exactly what speaks to your insecurity. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

But you have someone in your life that’s obliterated the enemy. He fully took him on and full destroyed his plans. Yet, we still allow the old tricks of the conquered enemy to wreak havoc in our lives. Every. Single. Day.

The enemy is named Satan. The Savior is Jesus. If you’re reading this message, I fully believe it’s not a mistake. What’s taken a hold of your life that was never meant to be there? You know. Deep down, you know.

But something higher is calling you up. That something is Jesus. I know. I felt that something and ignored it for years. I tried filling that something with more worldly things. Alcohol, a child, men, food, diets, exercise, all to make myself acceptable by the standards I allowed the world to feed me.

Did you know Jesus is always working? Even when you’re stubborn and you keep moving forward in the yuck, He’s still for you.

I know, because Jesus came in, and ever so gently saved me from myself to Him. I could talk about Him for days.

When I was caught up in the lies of Satan, I spelled my name with mixed up letters. Loser. Pathetic. Unlovable. Ugly. Fat. Gross. And the names go on and on.

Never once did Jesus send those mixed up letters my way. He grieved each time I attached those letters to my name.

Each time I took those mixed up letters and wore them, I walked in defeat. Maybe you too?

That’s why I believe you’re here. It’s time to unscramble the mixed up letters and get them back in the correct order. We can start slow. We’ll start with one statement you can write down and proclaim over you life. Are you ready?

I am a beloved daughter of God.

I am a beloved son of God.

I am a beloved child of God.

That’s it. Say it as many times in a day as you need to, in order for it to take root in your beat-up heart. If you feel overwhelmed by tears, that’s ok. It just means it’s been a really long time since you knew someone loved you. I still get emotional when I think about how much Jesus loves me.

Friend, you are precious in every way. There’s absolutely no one like you. But there are thousands who feel like you do. Defeated is not your name. That’s just those mixed up letters trying their best to trump the beautiful things about you.

It’s time to rearrange the letters. Your name is overcomer, survivor, victorious, and more than a conqueror. Every good and every perfect gift is from the Father of heavenly lights.

You are a gift! Never a mistake!

One response to “Mixed Up Letters

  1. Patty Pierce says:

    I could respond if I could see thru my tears. This one hit deep. I am a beloved daughter of our Jesus!!! ‘Nuf said…

    On Sat, Mar 19, 2022, 12:51 PM Blessed to be Broken wrote:

    > Trish Cordell posted: ” Across the street from my house is a playground. > As I was walking Moose today, I actually took notice of the big mixed-up > alphabet sign that read, “Can you spell your name”? I know my grand > daughter would totally spell her name. She loves her name Sh” >

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