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Building A Relationship

on May 10, 2019

Hmmm….I went in search of a pic I saw this morning of that Hollywood Met gala but I couldn’t find it, so, I’ll just tell ya about it. It was a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker holding hands with someone other than her husband. It caught my attention for 2 reasons. The tartan outfits and the fact she wasn’t holding hands with her hubby. My first thought was…OMGosh, when did she split up with her hubby?! They’ve been together for a really long time! I actually had to click on the article and find that particular pic…it was from 2006. She was married to her hubby at that time but from the picture alone, I had immediately made an assumption that just because she was holding hands with another guy that must mean her marriage had fallen apart. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? In this case, apparently, wrong!

Every single day, we see these types of articles on social media. We make assumptions and comment without knowing the actual details. Headlines are misleading, they want to draw you in and have you read what they have to say. Most times they don’t care that their headlines are misleading. They don’t even care the comments are only based on reading the “highlight”. They don’t care if what they posted instills fear or causes comment mayhem or if you jump to conclusions. I will not typically comment on something I haven’t read. Reacting to things instead of rationally thinking them through or doing a bit of research is worth more to me than joining in on the frenzy of inaccuracy.

Where are you going with this, Trish? I’m so glad you asked. Haha I’ve been on an intentional relationship journey for about 7 years. Previous to those 7 years, I dabbled, I sat out the outskirts, I could be swayed from one side to another based on what sounded more logical and I finally found the only way I was going to figure it out, was to actually experience it for myself. I mean, after all, isn’t that how you build a relationship? Taking time to get to know someone? As an example, my mom is 76 and there’s still things I’m finding out about her. This relationship is still ongoing. Just like spending some time digging for the facts on that picture of Sarah Jessica Parker, I’ve had to spend time with my mom, asking, watching, and listening.

But the 7 year journey I’m talking about has been all about getting to know Jesus. This is what I know. I can read all the quotes/Bible verses on social media, I can read all the devotionals, I can go to all the worship services and conferences, and I can even warm a seat at church. BUT, no matter who I listen to, unless I’m searching for Jesus, unless I’m hungry to know what He wants to tell me, unless I immerse myself in His word, then I’m just building a phony, superficial relationship. And who wants that kind of relationship with anyone?

My question is…how do you build a relationship with someone? Only you can answer what building a meaningful relationship looks like to you. For me, I needed to go right to the source and that’s the Bible. Whatever you believe or think about the Bible is your business and you can say what you will and I’m not trying to convince you otherwise. But for me, I’m saying, until I see Jesus face to face, getting to know Him through reading, and studying His word and letting God reveal to me what I’m ready to handle has been life changing.

Not only am I getting to know my Creator, I’m getting to know me and who I was made to be. But even more than that, I’m learning that I’m not in charge of how anyone else turns out. Just as I’m free to be who God made me, so is the person I used to think needed to be made to my specs. We are all created equal in God’s eyes. Not only am I His favorite, but you are too. He loves you, just as much as He loves me. And, this too, is an ongoing journey.

In a world where favorites, elites, royalty, power, money, and all kinds of award winners are praised, sought after, glitzed and glamorized, it’s nice to know I matter, no matter what the world says about me. You may have a different job, get paid more, have a dozen cars, or a bazillion dollars, but that doesn’t make you better than me, it just makes you different from me.

Basically saying, your wants don’t have to be my wants, and all your needs, will most assuredly, not be mine. I’m free to be me, so I shall sing, “who the Son sets free, is free indeed.” And yes, if you know me, you know I totally sang that! Have a beautiful day, keep learning, and remember you’re already thoroughly loved and totally accepted by your Heavenly Father!

Here’s the video to the song lyrics I quoted:

“Who You Say I Am” – Hillsong Worship

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