Blessed to be Broken

God's not finished with me yet!

A Rest at Jacob’s Well

on June 13, 2014


One of the awesome things I get to do in this season of life is lead a group of amazing women as I volunteer with Proverbs 31 Ministries On-Line Bible studies. I can’t even begin to describe what an honor and privilege this is and has been.  I tell you this because we are studying the book, Limitless Life by Pastor Derwin L. Gray.  Highly recommend this book.

In Chapter 5 of the book, titled, “From Damaged Goods to Trophy of Grace,” Pastor Gray speaks of the Samaritan woman on her way to Jacob’s well, where Jesus was waiting for her.  Did you get that….Jesus was…..waiting…..for…..her!!  If you’re not familiar with this transforming story, you can read it in the Bible, John 4:1-42. You don’t have a Bible?  That’s ok, there’s an app for that!!  Don’t have a smartphone?  That’s ok, you can seek and you will find the story on the World Wide Web.

Simply broken down, the woman Jesus met at the well was by societal standards, ”damaged goods.”  She had 5 husbands and was now living with a man who was not her husband.  Hmmm….can I relate?  I had 3 husbands and was living with a man who was not my husband (and not the first time I had tried a relationship on for size before committing).  I’m thinking I can relate.  I know her shame, I wore her guilt, and I robed myself in self-loathing.  My self esteem was shot. I had given myself in ways I was not made for, and my mind, heart, and soul were fraught with insecurity and the label of “FAILURE.”

Am I the only one who can relate to our beautiful Samaritan woman?  I think not.  With the permission of a new friend, I share a snippet of her story with you…

“One of my ‘damages’ has been my divorce in 1998. I grew up as a Baptist preacher’s kid…,I married a Baptist preacher’s kid…we met at a Baptist college. I never in my wildest dreams thought divorce was an option. For years, I prayed for forgiveness for my divorce. Repeated that prayer 1000’s of times. Not until a couple of years ago did I accept God’s forgiveness to my core when I had a discussion with my dad:

Me: I know that someday I will have to bow before God and explain my failed marriage to Him because I sinned against Him.

Dad: I think when you get there, God is going to look at you and say “what failed marriage?”

For the first time in my life, I was able to see myself the way God sees me.”

The part where her father said to her “what failed marriage?” sent a resounding thud in my soul.  It was like the light bulb finally clicked on and I could finally exhale all the limiting labels I had put upon myself from my failed relationships.  By truly breathing in the great forgiveness extended to me by the shed blood of Jesus I can take those chains and break free of the labels I’ve worn for far too long and put on the love labels God has for me!! Not from anything I could ever do, but because of what His Son already did for us on the cross.

After Jesus has this transforming conversation with the Samaritan woman, she ran home to proclaim the word of Jesus and what He had done for her.  Her shackles were freed and because of her testimony many Samaritan’s came to believe in Jesus!!  Hallelujah!!

As a believer in Christ, I have a responsibility and that is, share what God has done for me, just as the Samaritan woman did.  If I walk around all wrapped up in the sins that have been forgiven, then what kind of love am I showing the world? Certainly not a Savior’s love.

Fast forward to a little morning loving conviction from my Daddy: Hebrews 6:4-6 says: “It is impossible to restore the changed heart of the one who has fallen from faith—who has already been enlightened, has tasted the gift of new life from God, has shared in the power of the Holy Spirit, and has known the goodness of God’s revelation and the powers of the coming age. If such a person falls away, it’s as though that one were crucifying the Son of God all over again and holding Him up to ridicule.”  Ohhhh, let me just say….OUCH!!

So why, when I have tasted the gift of new life, would I go back and put on the sins of my past? The very ones God has already forgiven…I guess it’s because in this performance based world it’s hard for me to wrap my head around that kind of love.  But that’s ok….because God’s not finished we me yet.  I’m a work in progress and it took me a long time of living a sin-filled life to get to where I was…..but I am in no way, where I used to be…and that my friends is the sound of Amazing Grace!!  Come to the well my friends, and drink from the Living Water, then go out and tell the world of all the glorious wonders He’s doing for you!


11 responses to “A Rest at Jacob’s Well

  1. Shelly Faust says:

    Trish, I always leave your little space on the internet blessed and filled with hope! Thank you for using your story to encourage and inspire others. I’m sharing your post today with a friend. 🙂 Love ~ Shelly

  2. sabrinaebert says:

    Beautifully written to convey the message of grace. Thank you for sharing…yes we should cling to the cross and not trample over grace by reverting to sinful living…that ouch is soooo true!

  3. Missy says:

    At Trish, I love your last paragraph! I could read it over and over and over. He’s not finished with me yet (love that song by Brandon Heath) and thank The Good Lord, He’s not! I so enjoy reading your pears of wisdom! ❤

  4. Trish what a story and what a beautiful testimony and what an aha moment for all of us. Thanks for sharing that and He really is going to say what failure. Hugs. Debbie W. (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team)

    • Thank you Debbie!! What an amazing journey we are all on with this Limitless Life study. So happy to be doing life alongside you sister!! Hugs backatcha 🙂

  5. Dianna says:

    once again…you have blessed my heart….when I read your title “blessed to be broken” I am reminded of this quote ~ “It’s amazing what God can do with broken people when you give him all the pieces.”- Sheila Walsh ~ and you, my sister have been in that process of giving Him all the pieces – I am amazed, blessed, in awe… at the beautiful vessel you have become in the Loving Hands of the Master Designer. Your love for your Papa oozes from your words, your actions, and just plain ole you 🙂 Love you sister…broken pieces and all…<3 Dianna

    • Awwww!! Dianna, thank you for your loving words and encouragement!! I’m sooo thankful for our friendship and being on this journey of life with you!! You’re an amazing woman of God and reading your blog always blesses me and lifts me up!! Even if it does convict me every so often 🙂 Correction is good for the soul. Love ya!!

  6. charrito8 says:

    Trish, WOW! girl your writings blow me away!

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