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Would you get married if…

on March 8, 2014


Every little girl dreams of the day she will get married. Maybe the vision starts with Barbie marrying G. I. Joe, or some other set of toy dolls. Maybe it starts with wrapping a sheet around her body and holding some dandelions plucked from the yard as she walks down the aisle to a stuffed teddy bear. 

Eventually you graduate from the childlike wonder of the wedding to the big girl dreams of the perfect man.  Yes, we are looking for the perfect man…not perfect in the he has to be the best of everything, he just needs to be perfect for her.

Today the traditional marriage vows don’t always come into play as some decide to write their own vows to declare the love they have for each other.  But I wonder if anyone would ever get married if the vows looked something more like this…

I vow to totally put my needs above yours

I vow to withhold sex from you when I don’t get my way, which I already know will be a lot!!

I vow to spend money on whatever I want and not care about debt

I vow to lie to you every once in a whilesometimes…no, make that daily

I vow to cheat on you whenever a better opportunity presents itself

I vow to check out other people even when we’re out together, because you never know when that opportunity to cheat on you could arise

I vow to take my wedding ring off when I’m on business trips so maybe I can get some action, since I’m unappreciated at home

I vow to ignore you while I play on my smart phone, tablet or dive deep into the pages of a book or if my favorite tv show is on…anything over talking with you

I vow to talk to all my friends about the things I don’t like about you, while I give you the silent treatment

I vow to totally tear you down while I build myself up

I vow to nitpick you to death

I vow to disregard your opinion because you really just don’t understand me

I vow to put my friends’ advice above yours because you really just don’t understand me

I vow that at some point I will hope you would just die

I vow to bring porn into the marriage in an effort to spice things up

I vow to drink copious amounts of alcohol to numb myself

I vow to slap you upside your head because I can’t control my anger

I vow to eat my way into oblivion finding solace in all things food

I vow to gamble and hide my addiction until it’s too late and we lose everything

I vow to make life so miserable that you will ask for a divorce so that I can play the victim

I vow to divorce you the second things get too hard…forget that better or worse mess

I vow to divorce you if my affair turns into something more than just a casual fling

I vow to divorce you because, well, simply put…you just don’t do it for me anymore

Sounds appealing doesn’t it? This is what happens when the marriage becomes all about you. Marriage isn’t about the wedding day, the cake, the rehearsal dinner or the honeymoon.  Contrary to modern day belief, it’s not about the bride and her dress or even the rings. The day, the cake, the dinner, the honeymoon, the dress, the rings….those are things.  If you lose your wedding ring, it can be replaced. Is it upsetting to lose the ring, you bet it is, but marriage isn’t about things, it’s about people. Things don’t have feelings. People do.  

Bottom line…marriage is not something you shop for at a convenience store.  Marriage is a union of two souls, it’s a recommitment every day and if you know what’s good for your marriage, it’s first and foremost about honoring God.  If you’re honoring God, letting Him lead, then you know the words “let no man tear asunder” are more than just mere words. They are a way of life.  By the way, “let NO man/woman, tear asunder” includes you.  Don’t let that person who tears your marriage asunder be you. 

Marriage is a gift you get to open every day.  How are you treating your gift today?   What kind of advertisement are you for your spouse? Please take about 10 minutes to watch this very enlightening video.  Just click on the link below.  

When you lose your first love~~Marriage Today~~Jimmy Evans

One response to “Would you get married if…

  1. Patty Pierce says:

    Your blog post words are always sent in God’s time BUT really? REALLY? (You know I’m smiling) I want to know how do you write this stuff? SIGHS Good. Stuff. How can I even convey thank you in words?! Love & Hugs faithful one

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