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Maybe you didn’t know…

on January 16, 2014


I’m really excited about the Online Bible Study getting ready to begin on Jan 19th.  For the next 6 weeks we’ll be digging into the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa TerKeurst.  The study is held over on the Proverbs 31 Ministries site and is hosted by Melissa Taylor.

Did you know food is not the only thing you crave?  I mostly associate the word “crave” with food.  But I’ve learned that our cravings are where our thoughts are.  Let me give you an example.

Maybe you’ve heard of this woman called Princess Diana. She was pretty popular once upon a time.  In my mind, I don’t think there’s a person on this planet who doesn’t know who she is.  I say “is” because her legacy is very much alive.  Let me tell you a little bit about “my” princess and how I “craved” her.

Before Diana became a princess, she was just an ordinary girl, who by her sheer misfortune captured the hearts and souls of people from every walk of life.  I have to admit, I was caught up in the fairy tale that seemed her life.  I needed (craved) to know where she was, how she was doing, what hairstyle she fashioned, what world-cause she campaigned, and any other tidbits of information that made her life intertwine with mine. Thanks to television and media publications, I was there with her on the very day she married, had children, got divorced, and the ill-fated day she slipped into an abyss from which she would never awaken. I can tell you exactly what I was doing when the news hit that she had been in a car accident.  I was devastated over the loss of “my” princess.

You would think that it would have stopped there…the craving I had to know about her after she died.  But it didn’t.  It then became about the memorabilia that was being sold, the books, and any shows that would air her interviews.  Eventually, it all died down and so did my craving for having to be all up “in her stuff.” 

Do you see how easy it is to fall into a pattern of “craving?”  At the time of my Diana craving, I didn’t know it was an unhealthy craving. I just followed along because I thought she had something that I didn’t and thought it was something I wanted.  It was just so easy to swallow everything I was fed where she was concerned.  Funny, all she wanted was to live her life and all life wanted to do was “eat her up.” 

We were not made in God’s image and put on this earth to put these type cravings above Him.  In fact, we’re instructed not to put anything above Him.  I wonder what the world would look like if we actually craved for our Father more than any other “thing” in and of this world. 

I’m so thrilled over this study and what it has to teach I just can’t keep it to myself.  I would love to extend an invitation for you to join our Made to Crave study and find out what you’re craving and watch as God transforms not just my life but the over 35,000 women who have already signed up!!  It’s super easy to sign up, just head on over here P31 Online Bible Study and click on the “sign up” tab and away you go!!  

Please enjoy this musical snack!!

11 responses to “Maybe you didn’t know…

  1. Hi! I found your blog through the Made to Crave blog hop and I am SO glad I did! I have not heard the song you shared at the bottom of your post before and it is just what I was looking for!

    Backstory: I usually have a Contemporary Christian song set as my ringtone on my cell phone that matches what’s going on with me in that period of time. I like to rotate a new one every few months but I just haven’t been able to find a song that jumped out and said, “This is it. These are the words you want to think about every time your phone rings”. But then I played the video you shared and I knew I had found my new ringtone! I just downloaded it and have it set. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Sarah Rose says:

    Hi! I also found your blog on the Blog Hop! I’m excited to follow your MTC journey! 🙂

  3. Tonya McCoy ~ P31 OBS Small Group Leader says:

    Trish, I am so happy you shared this. I was just telling someone earlier that a craving doesn’t necessarily have to be food. Your story is incredible! I certainly want Jesus to be what I crave! I am so excited to get this study started!

    • Thanks Tonya!! I actually get tired of food and am like, where’s the instant Jetson food pill that turns into whatever you want it to be. I too want to crave Jesus over all!! Whoop-whoop!!

  4. dgb0506 says:

    I have signed up and I cannot wait , this is going to be great. I love the support of it already.

  5. dgb0506 says:

    And I am a first time blogger and have so much to learn how to use it…LOL

  6. Sarah Rose says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I loved what I saw on your blog so much that I nominated you for a Liebster award over at my page! 🙂

    • OMGoodness Sarah!! I’m not quite sure what a Liebster award is, but thank you and now I’m blushing. All the glory to God!! He is my redeemer and my inspiration!! Coming over to your page to check this award out!!

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