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Danger–Do Not Enter

on December 16, 2013


Did you ever really notice just how many road signs there are?  There are even some where I’m like, what does that one mean?   Good grief I’m ever so thankful I already passed my driver’s test.  But as I looked ahead today as I was driving, I saw a “do not enter,” sign.  Pretty clear to me that if I were to enter where I’m directed not to go, I could potentially put myself and others in a disastrous situation. 

There are all kinds of roads signs that are posted in an attempt to keep all drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc., safe from obvious dangers.  There are signs like, “caution,” “stop,” “no entry,” “yield,” and “wrong way,” just to name a few.  These signs come in all shapes and sizes. They are permanent, temporary, flashing and even reflective. They’re all meant to “get your attention.”

An obedient driver will pay heed to the signs that warn them of impending danger.  Then it hit me.  No pun intended.  Why would we adapt and follow so easily to these types of directions, but not to the warnings and directions given to us by God to follow?  Why do we choose to “walk” when the flashing red hand says “don’t walk?”  Why do we speed up through the yellow caution traffic signal and chance getting caught going through the “red light?”  Why do we “go” when He’s given clear instruction on when to “stop?”  Why do we take our defenses down and wind up going the “wrong way?”  It’s not like He gave us those Commandments to keep us from something good.  He knows all too well if we drive on past the danger signs He’s given, inevitably we,His children, will get hurt. 

So what does God have to do to “get our attention?”  He’s given us a manual to follow…it’s called the Bible.  Comes in all kinds of versions; soft cover, hard cover, electronically, and yea, they got lots of apps for that!! Plus, its chock full of stories that anyone can relate to…there’s history, drama, mystery, romance, horror, (just to name a few) and my favorite, self-help. I’ve even heard the Bible means “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

I know at some point in your day you “think” about Him.  Maybe you don’t even realize it, but you do. It may not always be in a technically “positive” way.  It may be in the way of curse words….the ones He tells us not to use as we take His name in vain.  Yet, there it is, all over the place; bleeped out on television shows, said in all different kinds of movies and even in songs where we freely take His name in vain.  And maybe you didn’t say it, but someone else did, so He just came up in “conversation.”

You “think” about Him when something bad unexpected happens and you ask “why, God?” and then you might even pray when you don’t normally pray.  

You even “think” about Him in bed….you know, the times when in no way is your sexual partner God, but you exclaim “oh god.”

See, even when you don’t think He’s there….He’s there!!  But, hey, at least you’re “thinking” about Him and that’s a good thing.  So now that you’re aware, what else does He have to do to get your “attention?”  Perform a few miracles perhaps?  I could direct you back to the Bible, but let’s take a look at something a little in your face obvious…If you’re reading this, you’re alive…so, there’s the very first one…you’re the miracle.  I’m sure if you look back over more of your life, you’ll see plenty more.

God’s manual, His direction for our lives is meant for our well-being, our safety and yet every day, we ignore or push past the obvious dangers and walk into the very fires He wants to keep us from.  He says “don’t,” and we “do.”  He says “stop,” and we “go.”  He says “love,” and we “hate.”  He says “peace,” and we “war.” He says “forgive,” and we “grudge.” Jesus Christ came so that we could “live,” yet each day when we don’t deny self, we “die.”   

We can save ourselves a lot of heartache and hurt if we just wake-up and take direction from the Only One who wants the absolute best for us.  We may not be able to walk the path perfectly, but we can rely and trust on the One who will perfectly direct our path. All we need do, is simply heed His very well thought out Commandments.  Jesus is the Only Way!!


2 responses to “Danger–Do Not Enter

  1. Tara says:

    Amen Trish ❤ Loved this post xox

  2. Blogit4343 says:

    “Why would we adapt and follow so easily to these types of directions, but not to the warnings and directions given to us by God to follow?” Because we see others doing it and getting away with it so little by little we head in the wrong direction hoping to get away with it as well. Even if we are not consciously our subconscious is. That is how Satan works, little by little so you barely notice. Great post once again Trish 🙂

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